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Diesel, domestic, industrial & marine engines

Premium Quality Remanufactured


We make diesel, domestic, industrial & marine engines

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Welcome to Action Engines

Action Engines provides global excellence for the drive train industry by offering the finest professional-grade quality for engines, transmissions, automotive and truck diesel engines, and marine gas and diesel applications.

Consistently voted #1 for quality, reliability, availability, and service, Action Remanufactured Engines consistently provides O/E quality solutions to automotive and marine professionals everywhere. Action Engines welcomes you to experience the Action Engine advantage for any professional engine and transmission requirements.


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We service nationwide dealerships and individuals

Action Remanufactured Engines is located in Louisville, Kentucky, a domestically centralized and globally recognized hub for all land, water, air shipping and distribution.

Leading the industry in every area, Action Remanufactured Engines was created to satisfy all the challenges of pricing, availability, service, warranty, and above all, consistent quality

Products include the most extensive choices of domestic, import, marine, performance, and diesel engines, as well as transmissions, cylinder heads, and crankshafts. Action Remanufactured Engines is also an authorized dealer for the Pulse Tech/Solargizer system, the world's finest and most innovative lead-acid battery maintenance and reclamation program.

No matter what your application or interest, Action Remanufactured Engines has what you need, so call today for a free quote.

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