Import and Domestic


Up to 100,000 miles, 36 months warranty. Nationwide coverage. Warranty labor paid on Chilton standard rates up to $40.00 per hour.


All engines are 100% functionally tested. All of our engines are hot fired as part of our testing process.

A group of wrenches are stacked on top of each other.


All engines are remanufactured with new:

  • Pistons and rings.
  • Timing components and freeze plugs,
  • Gasket set and valve guides and lifters,
  • Virtually all with oil pumps, rod cam and main bearings.


  • Crankshafts and camshafts are reground, polished and oil holes chamfered to rigid specifications.
  • Rods are checked for bend or twist, resized and honed to OEM specifications.
  • Valve seats are 3-angle cut for optimum sealing.
  • Blocks are shot blast cleaned and magnaflux to assure unseen cracks do not cause premature failure.
  • Block deck and cylinder heads are resurfaced to assure proper sealing- all blocks are line honed.
  • Valve stems are centerline ground, butt cut, and chamfered to assure proper clearance and oil control.
  • Engines are 100% functionally tested.
A close up of the engine of an automobile


Unlimited with competitive “drop ship” rates.