Cylinder Heads

All our parts are thoroughly tested.


90 days against defective materials and workmanship. Nationwide coverage. "R and R" trade-in program available for infrequent cylinder head cores.

A table covered with many different parts of an engine.
A close up of the gears on an engine


All units vacuum tested to ensure proper valve seating.


  • A new Pioneer freeze and pollution plugs.
  • New rocker studs installed when needed to OEM specifications.
  • Springs are cleaned, properly tested and installed with shims to maintain tension to OEM specifications.
  • Valve guides are machined or replaced with new bronze guides liners to maintain tolerance to OEM specifications.


  • Completely disassemble to ensure thorough cleaning of all coolant and gas passageways.
  • Furnace baked and thoroughly blasted to remove all carbon and oil deposits, paint, rust, etc.
  • Checked to ensure proper fit of all portholes and threads.
  • Accurately resurfaced for perfect gasket fit.
  • Thoroughly magnafluxed to find and correct all flaws and cracks.
  • Rust proofed, bagged, and boxed for long shelf life and storage protection.
  • Valves are machine dressed at stem and face.
  • Valve seats are machine cut to a " high performance" triple angle.


Unlimited with competitive “drop ship” rates.