Performance Engine


Up to 100,000 mile, 36 months warranty. Nationwide coverage. Labor paid on Chilton standard rates up to $40.00 per hour.


All engines are 100% functionally tested.


Additions and specific requests available upon requests available on individual quote basis, including "R and R" program for personal interests in rebuilding, returning and fully customizing performance engines while retaining original engine, serial, and block numbers.

(Ask for our guaranteed 25% more horsepower engine.)

A close up of many different parts in the same pile
A pile of old parts sitting on top of the floor.


  • New piston and rings.
  • New rod and main bearings.
  • New timing chain and belts.
  • New cam bearings freeze plugs and camshaft plugs.
  • New oil gallery plugs and gaskets.
  • New oil pump.
  • New valve guides and lifters.


  • Crankshafts and camshafts are reground, polished and oil holes polished to rigid specifications.
  • Rods are checked for bend or twist, resized and honed to OEM specifications.
  • Valve seats are 3-angle cut for optimum sealing.
  • Blocks are shot blast cleaned and magnafluxed to assure unseen cracks do not cause premature failure.
  • Block deck and cylinder heads are resurfaced to assure proper sealing- all blocks are line honed.
  • Valve stems are centerless ground, butt cut, and chamfered to assure proper clearances and oil control.
  • Engines are 100% functionally tested.
A close up of the engine and its components


Unlimited with competitive “drop ship” rates.