Up to 36,000 miles, 36 months warranty. (Also available-18,000 miles, 18 months warranty and 12,000 miles, 12-month warranty.) Nationwide coverage. Warranty labor credits issued to cover wholesale warranty expenses.

A close up of the engine and parts of an automobile.
Two men in a garage with cars on the floor.


  • Each unit fully dyno tested, including electronic testing of computer controlled units.
  • Valve body testing on an automatic valve body tester to pinpoint cracks or imperfections and verify shift points.
  • "In-house" remanufactured torque converters to ensure high quality.
  • All transmissions/transaxles are fully tested, including electronic testing of computer-controlled units.
  • All Allison units dyno tested on an AIDCO Dynamometer under "work conditions" to assure performance.
  • All Allison valve bodies/governors are precision calibrated on an AIDCO valve body machine to OEM specifications.
  • All Allison ALTEC electronic solenoids/ pressure switches are fully tested on a state of the art Hicklin tester. No back charge for Allison hard parts- no hidden costs.


Remanufactured transmission.

  • Remanufactured torque converter.
  • Trans cooler flush and installation instructions.
  • Occasional units come with a remanufactured/ tested solenoid pack.
A lot of cars parked in a parking lot.
A close up of the engine and its components.


  • Quality remanufactured torque converters for domestic import.
  • Allison and industrial applications.
  • Transmission oil coolers.
  • Automatic transmission cooler flush.
  • In-line transmission filters.


Unlimited with competitive “drop ship” rates.